Saturday, February 26, 2005

if it wasn't so sad it'd be funny

As I stumble through blogs once in a while I happen to come across a topic I happen to be very interested in. Iraq.

In the upper righthand corner there is a little inscription saying this is blog of girl living in Iraq. Well unquestioningly i beleive it and start reading some of the posts. Since they all are like 10 pages long I get through the most recent one and it was just about the current elections over there. Her e-mail address was posted so I sent her an e-mail asking some general questions I had about Iraq and the current life over there. Today I read some of her oldest posts and am now wondering if she is even in Iraq or can even locate it on a map. Well not really but from what I understand about Iraq, which isn't much I'll admit, there are 3 main religions. Suddam Hussein being the leader of one of the minority ones and keeping the other 2 in check with rutheless slaughterings and chemical weapons. But ofcourse those were all disposed of years ago.. pfft. please I'm really not that nieve. So here's this girl in perfect english from Iraq writing these blogs. In one of her posts she writes that the electricity is only going to be on for a few hours so she uses her precious time to log on to the internet and write 4 pages. Wow thats some dedication to your fans. And in how many posts did she complain about not being able to get a phone line and yet Internet works huh? Ohhh must be DSL. nice nice.
So umm yea.. but hey I can still go along with it. She is just extra privleged. Before the U.S. invaded who were the privelged.. oh yes.. Saddam's friends. Which would explain all the America Bashing. I will admit the stories seem authentic but so do a lot of fiction books that are available out there today.
So good Luck to her and maybe one day she'll do something worthwile with all her free time.